The Wildbud Shop

Hey all, long time no blog! I (Lis) thought I would pop on here and share a bit of the story, inspiration, and final look of our storefront! We have been open for a month now and we have been overwhelmed by the support, encouragement, and excitement of our community. The shop idea was always a faint plan, off in the distance in dreamland. Chey and I played around with possibilities and the "maybe in a few years" would always be our end note. 

At our last pop up for Mother's Day, we agreed to view the space and so began the journey. We had no idea what we were doing but we knew we wanted to follow things through and think big. We knew we needed a studio space as I live within 300 sq. ft. and we had quickly outgrown working from Chey's home. 

When we walked into the space for the first time it was the most exciting, most daunting feeling. Somehow, some way, we signed our lease and started the renovation. We are blessed by a good, good God who provided the way and we followed, anxious for the future but ready to go for it.

We started renovating in May and finished early August (hours before opening). The work we did on our space was expansive. We had to rip everything down to bare bones. Just to give you an idea, I spent around 60-70 hours on just the floor alone. Let that one sink in! Oh yeah and I forgot to mention that by this time Chey was SUPER pregnant and we both take care of toddlers. Welcome to crazy town, population Lisa and Cheyenne. 

The biggest thing I want to emphasize about our build out was the AMAZING people who helped along the way. Our husbands chipped in, our friends, and our families. My Mom was in there with me up until the end, through late nights and labor intensive work. Pop (Paul McMahon) provided means to complete some incredible tasks that we couldn't have ever done without him. My cousin Nick built our furniture with me and guided me through so much of the process. Larry Buck (Chey's Dad) helped set up all of our electric and Chey's brother, Chris showed up and painted for us. I'm babbling on and on but I have to because without these people Wildbud would not be open and we owe them so so much. We have the best people as our people and I'm forever humbled and grateful to them.

Fast forward to today and here we are! We've had an incredible first month. We get to come to our place of work, see beautiful humans, and engage in our community. We are blessed. 

A talented and wonderful photographer named Diana Rykun came and shot the shop and we are so thankful for her work! You're amazing, Diana!