Wildbud Co, Sonora California

Wildbud | Fine Art Floral Design, Daily Flowers, Dry Goods

Brick and Mortar open tuesday through saturday, 9:00am to 3:00pm || 59 South Washington Street, Sonora California


Wildbuds | Cheyenne and Lisa Rae

We are best friends who became Mom’s and started a floral design and styling business. It all started in the sixth grade. We were both homeschool kids who ended up best friends. We’ve made our way through life with one another and eventually, we even got to stand beside one another in each of our weddings.From both weddings came hard work, creative sparks, and a deep joy in what we were making from our own hands- unforgettable days for both of us.A few seasons passed, navigating new motherhood and finding a rhythm. Finally we were back in the same place in life to make Wildbud a reality.